Anxiety and Depression
busymom500 posted:
I suffer from Anxiety and Depression. I am a victim of Domestic Violence and after 21 years finally am free from at least my abuser. Finally my soon to be ex husband is in prison certainly for not long enough but I am not trying to get my life back in order. so much to do...anyone else go through this and does it get better?
Sarah4567 responded:
Thank you for that short but very uplifting post!

How are you feeling now?
rohvannyn responded:
I'm glad you are free of him. Someone very dear to me went through this and it can get better. The number one thing you can do is surround yourself with support, as much as possible, even if it's posting in a forum, whatever it takes. Next, work on building yourself up and loving yourself and reminding yourself constantly that you are a worthwhile human being that is deserving of good and kind treatment. If you can get a counselor, do so. The very act of dealing with with an abuser for that long will throw you off balance when dealing with other folks, and a counselor will really help you to re-establish healthy behavior.

The human brain is a marvelously flexible and resiliant thing, give it a chance, make sure to always be kind to yourself, and above all, enjoy your freedom.

Best wishes to you!