Something wrong with me, I think?
inuyashagrl23 posted:
Let's start

I use to weight 355, as of today 308 been on a diet for the last 3 months. In April started at the gym. A few weeks ago, while I was walking at a speed of 3.3 I got light head. So it seems that no matter what I do, I feel the same. Some symptoms.

Light head
Sometimes Pain in my left (Sometimes in the upper part of my shoulder)
Arm feels tight, sometimes sharp pain.
sometimes I like if I breath it's tight in my chest.

Now, I also think I might have ibs, so not sure if that affects my other symptoms. I have no insurance, but in a few weeks I'm going to go to a doctor when I can get some money, but I don't know who to see.
An_251027 responded:
To be safe, I would go to a cardiologist. It would be straight to the point and won't risk a general doctor leading you in the wrong direction. You could go to the ER if you really felt the need, when it's happening. They can't turn you away. They will x-ray you, get blood work, check oxygen and do ekg. It's probably not much to worry about though - at least you will feel better once you've seen the doctor!