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Phobia of public restroom
An_250536 posted:
I have been dealing with this for quite sometime now but when my DD gotta go, she gotta go....Initially I used to use potty seat covers for her but now I find it too much of a hassle to handle. They are flimsy and the adhesive strips dont stick well to the seat sometimes and I have a hard time just figuring out where and how to exactly place it on the seat and when she sits on it the back part keeps slipping or the whole thing doesnt stay put.
Most of the times I make her pee before we leave home but yday we went to a restaurant and she had to go. I put the seat cover but had a hard time with it so I just removed it and let her sit on the seat directly. With all the hurry Id not even checked whether the seat was clean or not and I think my DD's privates/skin may have touched the front open end of the toilet. She was sitting way too front bec she felt the seat cold ( she was used to sitting on a seat cover before ) and she wanted me to hold her...and then there was an automatic flush even before she had got up completely.
I dont know but this has just raised my anxiety abt using public bathrooms. I am scared of her getting anything infectious from not using the cover. Please advise me on how and what you do when you have t take your DDs to public restrooms. It'll lessen my OTT worry.
rohvannyn responded:
The skin is a very good barrier against germs and infection. Bathe regularly, and wash your hands when leaving the restroom, and there is almost no chance of getting something from a public restroom. I haven't heard of even one verifiable instance of getting any STD or other illness from a toilet seat. The only time I've ever heard about people getting sick from a bathroom, it's because they didn't wash their hands, or because they touched their eyes or mouth before washing their hands.

Also, as Dr Moser says over in the Family Webicine board, keeping kids in too antiseptic an environment can really hurt their immune systems and prevent them from getting strong.

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