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Strange paranoid feeling I am being watched.
An_252972 posted:
It has been going on for a long time now. It causes severe anxiety and strong panic attacks. Why anyone would want to watch is beyond me. It makes no sense but it almost like it is real. I was walking through Walmart and a bunch of people were screaming my name people I never seen in my life throwing their arms up in the air saying wasup. This is when it started. People at every cashier had comments about my life. I was doing bad at the time and one man said ''I hate that guy so bad still living under his mom like that'' the cashier told him hush don't say that about him turned to me and just laughed extremely loud. Recently I was at a friends and I stepped out of his room to go outside and smoke a cigarette so I checked to make sure I had my lighter and he asked my brother and sister in law ''does he know he is being watched?'' They answered we are not sure but we think he might. I am not imagining things either I know what I heard and when I confronted him not directly saying he said that but just told him how weird it is for someone to say something like that when I walk out the room. He answered yeah that was me. I dismissed it and spoke not another word and he looked over at another co worker and asked if we should tell him. Well he said no don't tell him you know what they said could happen when he finds out. I just simply went on acting as if I didn't hear what they said since they spoke it so low. Its driving me crazy I have a strong feeling and suspicion I am being watched and today it has me shaking from severe anxiety and panic. I don't understand what anyone would get out of this but if it is real it is a very sick joke to play on a person. I feel like they want me to snap so they can snag me up and lock me away forever, as if I don't already live a miserable life they want it to be worse. I'm getting extremely paranoid about it and feel like I want answers but to come out and say this only makes me look crazy. I have no idea what to do, and believe me... I am not imagining things. This is no hallucination, this is very real and getting hard to control.
subtleNae responded:
experienced this before but realized it wasn't real. you take halperidol.

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