An_251915 posted:
after my 'breakdown' and hospital visits 2 years ago, i was put on zoloft and ativan and diagnosed with severe anxiety that hits me really physical. after 4 months, i went back to work and things were pretty good. i tried to cut back on on the zoloft after the 2 year period and 4 days later.... full blown attacks game back. throwing up, heart racing, scared, shaking, etc. i thought i was better.........
Angiemc00 responded:
The mind is a powerful thing, really hope you can get past this
cindigal responded:
Sorry for all your trauma in your life. I suffered a brain injury in 2009 and sustained speech aphasia from it. I had depression and anxiety for many years than I couldnt recall all the meds i had in those years but I saw that you take ativan. How is going with the med. How often or what dose. I take it only at night, 2 pills before bedtim; 1 pill about hour before bed, and the 2nd when i go to bed. I know its seems silly but I used to have a sleeping pill before.. Restoril and the effects wore out. It seems the ativan works somewhat, but at times it takes long time to work. But I can sleep really good when it starts working.

milktoast9 replied to cindigal's response:
thanks for your reply. i am happy that this didnt happen all my life and only recently. same thing happened to my mother when she turned 50. must be in the genes. i went back on zoloft and ativan and see to be doing ok.