falcon5 posted:
I just started back on celexa for my anxiety and panic attacks I am on second week, 20mg It makes think more about my stresses in my life right now can't sleep, nauseas, how much longer will this go on? Is tingling in the arms normal? Does it intensify everything before it starts working?
AmandaRay210 responded:
Did Celexa work for you the first time? I was prescribed to it from my GP and I'm too afraid to take it. I started it for a few days but it made me so sick. Like I couldn't eat anything for a few days. So I stopped taking them. My anxiety is pretty bad. I get lightheaded and head pressure in social situations. It's so frustrating because a few months ago I wasn't like this. I had anxiety, but not to this extent. So is the Celexa worth trying if it made me so sick?