Symptoms of Effexor xr Withdrawal
An_253178 posted:
I have taken 225mg/day for about 12 years. During the last three weeks, my Dr. has had me "gradually" withdrawal from Effexor xr and start on Viibryd. These two processes were done simultaneously. The withdrawal from Effexor xr was done in two weeks. I had not researched the symptoms I could anticipate and was totally surprised with the horrific dreams, sweats (both night & day), dizziness and teariness.

In addition, I experienced extreme lower GI upset. I just assumed this was a result of the new drug & the Doc suggested cutting them in half. The problems continued & I was directed to cut pills in to fourths. Two nights ago, I ended up at Immediate Care because of the severe cramping & diarrhea.

After reading the posts about the Effexor withdrawal, I feel as though I've been working with total idiots: Immed. Care knew nothing, Nurse-Practitioner (who put me on the regimen of weaning off Effex. in two weeks) was shocked at my symptoms and family Doc. was worthless. Does anyone in the medical field take time to look these things up??

I recognize that I may have to get back on a small dosage of Effexor xr, but I feel I also need a new Doc. to monitor it. If anyone knows of a worthy Doc. in northwest IN, I'm all ears (or eyeballs as it were.)