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Live in peace instead of panic
An_253192 posted:
I can relate - I have the same anxious thoughts. It got so bad that I was constantly feeling so anxious and worried that I lost my appetite! And I normally love to eat. After a while I everyone around me was getting sick of being around me because all I'd talk about were my frequently imagined health issues. I started realizing that my anxious feelings would increase significantly after researching and reading about my symptoms online. I would spend hours trying to diagnose myself. I couldn't concentrate on anything else until I got to the bottom of my symptoms, however, most of the time I was left feeling confused and desperate to see a doctor immediately to calm my fears and ease my mind. Most of the time - doctors didn't even help ease my mind so I also was suffering financially from frequent co-pays and at work from calling out so much.

It wasn't until about a year of feeling this way that my primary doctor made me realize that I'm not physically sick yet but I will become sick eventually due to all the stress I was putting myself under. I also realized that I was so afraid of being sick and my life ending but my life was miserable being this anxious and when my life does actually end and I look back, I would regret wasting all these years worrying and wanting to be alone so I could mourn when I could have been enjoying life instead. I even saw a therapist a few times who told me I also needed medicine and that I can't just snap out of it but I refused. In the end, it is actually up to you and I believe you can snap out of it. I won't say I'm fully cured of this bad habit but I can say I am much less anxious now because I recognized what triggered my anxious feelings - reading things online and especially on forums. I've also realized that there are so many things in life that are just simply out of our control so we might as well live the days we are given in peace rather than in panic. We will all die - that's unavoidable but not all of us will live. I hope this helps you. You're not alone. I also found that building a relationship with Jesus Christ helps me get through work through these feelings as well. Pray about it. I will be praying for you too.

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