GAD friend needed
subtleNae posted:
I hv suffered from anxiety for 3 years. its difficult trying to work when your frustrated and confused and experience memory loss with the attacks. i dont even like people standing next to me. i hate crowds and new places. I was put on klonpin and throzine for social anxiety. i need more help. a friend that undetstands. we can help each other cope. my yahoo messenger is smartncute69.

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Sarah4567 responded:
I have GAD as well.
Taking cipralex and am set to see a psychiatrist in a month. I completely understand the situation of trying to work, but the anxiety takes over, trouble with sleeping, terrible..
I quit 4 jobs on the spot due to this problem, just walk out. I am currently relearning some tools in order to avoid the same negative behavior.

any time you want to email me, my email is
subtleNae replied to Sarah4567's response:
thank you. i will email you.
subtleNae replied to Sarah4567's response:
how old are you? Im 31 and single.