Adult separation anxiety.. Moving out next month, at 32..
Goldeneyes posted:
I am a 32 year old woman, single, never married, and I have adult separation anxiety. I experienced early childhood trauma due to a custody ruling in my parents' divorce case, which required me to be separated from my mother, my primary caregiver, for 2 weeks at age 2.5. I wasn't allowed to talk to my mother, and my father did not call her to come get me. I don't remember it, but I'm told I was a completely different child when I returned from the visit. My father and grandmother did not know common sense parenting, so among other things, I was put in an outdoor shower... At age 2.5... So, fear of water on my head was a big one for a long time. ANYWAY. My mother is financing a move for me to a beautiful new apartment of my own, 25 minutes from her house, where I've lived except for 4 years of college. I'm feeling anxious, overwhelmed, terrified and sad and I don't know how to handle it. I am afraid to leave her, as well as my cat... She's 13 and I'm overly attached to her as well. Ugh. I'm booking a therapy appt for next week, but any advice or suggestions would be wonderful. Thank you!