ssh49tn posted:
For 3 years now, I've been having extreme dizzy spells. And, the dr can find no reason for them. I've had 2 MRIs, a cat scan, 2 ultrasounds, plus blood tests recommended by a neurologist. The only thing they finally diagnosed me with has been lupus. I've been on citalopram, 40 mg a day, for depression for over a year, plus was on Effexor HR for about 2 years, before going on the citalopram, & off the Effexor HR. Every time I've done any research on dizziness, I get the results that it's a panic attack. I've been on meclozine for inner ear, but that didn't even touch the dizzy spells. Plus was on a low dose of valium to try to dry up any fluid in my ears. Didn't do a thing. So, my question is, does anybody else have this problem, & if so, what have you taken that helped? I will qualify for Medicare next year, & have no insurance right now, so have to pay as I go. I am fortunate that we have a clinic that takes only uninsured patients, so it only costs $25 for an office visit, plus I have CoverRx through the state that helps pay for my meds. I don't sleep at night, unless I take something to knock me out, such as benadryl, & am tired of that. Any suggestions, or ideas would be greatly appreciated!