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Need help/answers/tips for my anxiety, its getting really bad.
TheLost posted:
Hello. Im here because this is getting to the point of no return, and i see no light at the end of the tunnel. I am a 21 year old male, smoker and recently a heavy drinker as my girlfriend left almost 2 years ago and gave birth to our beautiful baby girl because we were financially ill equiped to raise a child so she went to her parents for help, and here we are. Every one i ask about this say this should not be happening to me at this rate. Ever since i was a young child, maybe 9 or 10 or so, I feel scared to do basically anything. I lost the will to have fun, hangout with my friends, even showing up to school everyday. My hands shake and i get scared and panic like. When i was 18, i went to Job Corps and same situation but worse. I could not even drive as i shook so much. I get nauseous, sweaty, my heart races and its just a ugly pointless situation that i could have really done without. Now, here i am again, 21 years old, and i just got a new job. I cry myself to sleep every night when i think about getting up in the morning and doing that whole routine. Yesterday, before my job interview, same story. I was not nervous, but again with the shakey hands, sweating, racing heart and this time vomiting ferociously. I have been depressed for years, but depression is easy. I need tips or some advise to get rid of this... Oppression. Thanks for listening, all comments are welcomed.
An_253511 responded:
I was and still am in your shoes but I now can at least cope. I totally understand the anxiety problem. It can hit me even though I am not thinking negative or worried about anything, it has to be some kind of genetic chemical imbalance. As for as antidepressants, none have really worked except EMSAM. This med is awesome. No more pit in your stomach, confidence is back in a day but the negatives are that it is VERY EXPENSIVE! Something like $500/month without insurance. In addition, it is a transdermal patch so you have to be careful not to go into water with it and shave the area that you will be applying the patch. The second obstacal is that it is a MAOI which has food and medication intereactions but in reality, I have never had any reactions with the patch. If you want something non norcodic, I would recommend ENSAM. Other than the later, your only other choice will be benzodiazipines like Xanax. Taken in small dosages, you will not get too tired and the tiredness will subside once your body gets use to it. Other than that exercise and meditation helps but I found I needed to devote anywhere from 2-3 hours a day to exercise and meditation for it to do what one Xanax can do in 15 minutes. I would NOT recommend any other crap like Depakote, gabapentin (bipolar meds) which suppose to help anxiety but all they do is put you to sleep. You might as well just take Benadryl rather than spending your money on a "mood stabalizer" which are all downers without any anxiety help. This is the first time I right on this bored but I can really relate. It neither of the latter help, I would go to your doctor and complain about back pain to get an opiate. I REALLY hate to say this and this should be your last resort but opiates will take all your anxiety away but will cause other problems but I would rather someone take an opiate rather than hurting themselves because of all the uncontrollable anxiety. This last suggestion should only be used as an absolute last resort. This is a tough world and doctors will try to get you to try everythinhg in the book just so you will be a repeating cusomer. Good luck and God Bless.
Reid Wilson, PhD responded:
Hey, TheLost-
I am sorry you are so miserable; it sounds pretty awful to be coping with all this distress plus the loss. I don't hear anything about getting any psychological help for your anxiety and depression. You can go to the anxiety and depression Association of America website ( ) for a lot of information, including a page where you can search for a therapist. You can also find a great deal of self-help information for your anxiety here: .
Regarding the advice of the last responder: opiates are absolutely not the direction to go. We have no data whatsoever that suggests you should pretend to have chronic pain in order to get an opiate to treat depression and anxiety.

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