Brain lock-up
rohvannyn posted:
I know what the answer will be, most likely, but I figured I'd post here in an attempt to at least clarify some of this for myself. I've been having these periods lately where I will feel normal, at least to myself, but my spouse will tell me that I'm not thinking straight, or I will respond to her in ways that are calculated to be hurtful, or a whole host of other things. She says also that at certain times my gaze will lose focus and I'll look catatonic.

I do know that sometimes when I am under stress I will get sort of lost in my own head, unable to make a decision about what to say and it will take tremendous effort to speak. I'm sure this has to do with my mounting issues with anxiety, yet, how do I snap out of it? Deciding not to do it again doesn't seem to help.
becky30 responded:
You are not alone with this. I tend time stopped mid conversation during an attack and completely forget what I was talking about. Sometimes I even stutter something I've never ever done before being diagnosed. It's an issue that only with time and positive strategies that can help with it. I am still getting help with this
subtleNae responded:
omg! I'm happy to know I'm not alone in this. i too hv experienced this. it frustrates me so badly bc i think ppl are thinking i dont know how to speak when this happens. that gives me more anxiety. any tips would be appreciated.
rohvannyn replied to becky30's response:
It's especially hard when the other person acts like you are doing it on purpose. Self distraction can help sometimes, taking a few deep breaths, but gosh I don't have much better advice than that.