allergies associated with anxiety...anyone????
becky30 posted:
I've been dealing with anxiety 4mnths. My question is has anyone ever had allergies from anxiety??? As of late my eyes itch and get really watery. I'm getting more headaches and by jaw is sore off and on throughout the day. I take advil that seems to ease the pain for awhile but eventually it starts up again. I tend to clench my teeth too....I think that is so weird but it's something I've noticed that I'm doing more of when I'm anxious. Also I just feel so ill like a flu or something. The bridge of my nose hurts and my cheeks too. Anyone else ever felt like this??? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Also I've had blood work ekg mri urine testing and all came back normal.
doxielover10 responded:
ABSOLUTELY, I posted a question regarding this. If I get anxious every muscle in my body tenses up. If I'm not hugely anxious I break out in hives. If I'm really anxious I break out in bloody sores from head to toe. Nothing helps it, I can't go out as my throat, chest, arms are covered with bloody sores.

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