PhelanJ posted:
Hello, While I emphatize with everyone with anxiety & Panic. I have a 23 year old daughter that suffers from them and they are getting worse. We have tried several different kinds of SSRI for depression, yoga, accupuncture & herbs. Nothing helps and they are getting worse. She has quit her full-time job and now works part-time but has then quiet frequently. We have been to counselors, PCP's. Her body will not tolerate the medication. Any other suggestions for her.
katellawellnesscenter responded:
Getting rid of panic attacks and anxiety relies on finding the triggers and the causes. The solution is only with your daughter, she has to find the right way to cure it. That will happen only she conditions herself, though it sounds hard, but the solution is with her.
cjpxx replied to katellawellnesscenter's response:
that being said - she isn't fixing it - so she may need to go to a psychologist or continue with the counselor because there may be an underlying problem that she hasn't acknowledged. For example: she may have been abused and she hasn't ever read a book on that particular kind of abuse and how to overcome it.