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    Includes Expert Content
    Anxiety and fear
    Emmia posted:
    I am 33 years old with two beautiful kids, from last few months my panic and anxiety have made my life hell, I can't sleep , can't eat,can't concentrate on any thing , my kids are very small , they depend in me. I am getting crazy day by day , I have constant chest pain on left side and i have started thinking that there is something v serious wrong with my heart . Ekg came back fine, keep on visiting my doctor and sonetimes to ER due to chest pain. Feel like crying all the time. Feel like dying all the time, even I have mild pain somewhere i start thinking i am going to die. My chest really hurt all the time, I can't breath properly... My mind is racing with negative thoughts 24/7... Plz somebody help me plz...I want to live a life , want to laugh . I don't want to die ..
    Yan305 responded:
    Hi . I have been suffering from anxiety for the past 4 months I have had all your symptoms before . Anxiety is an aweful thing to have with us . I use to have panic attacks but I don't anymore thank to god . I know how it feels to have this is scary you think your gonna die all the time .at first it was horrible the way I felt dizzy all the time heart racing chest was with pressure a sensation on the arm . Months went by and I notice I started to feel Better . I have realize that you just have to accept this feeling so your mind relaxes a bit . It is scary i know exactly how you feel . If you need to talk to someone here i am feel free believe me talking about it really helps .
    Browneyeswi1963 responded:
    I know how you feel. I have had the same issues for the past 9 years. I have been on all the meds and they do work. But I am now trying to figure out a way to deal with the anxiety and off the meds. You took step one, right here. Saying it all out loud, to people who actually know how it feels and don't think you are "crazy". Main thing to remember is you will not die, breath, breath and breath. Stay strong. Seek out a professional to talk to, that is my next step as well, (also kinda scary).
    Emmia replied to Yan305's response:
    Hello, Glad to hear that u r doing well now. Hope me too get better soon . Have been struggling v hard with my self. My chest really hurt all the time , keep on thinking that i an gonna have heArt attack . So depress .. Feel very low all the house , my kids are also suffering because of me..
    Reid Wilson, PhD responded:
    Hey, Emmia-
    Yan305 is right, that you have to find a way to not fight the symptoms, despite the fact that they are so uncomfortable and distracting. Almost all the treatment for anxiety and panic is paradoxical: opposite of logic. It lives inside you by your resistance to the symptoms. And, of course, some of your symptoms of anxiety may also stem from the actual stressors in your life that you have not yet resolved. So taking a look at those stressors and coming up with coping strategies and support from others is an excellent project for you. If you send me an email,, I will send you a copy of my article called "the anxiety disorder game." It will give you a sense of how we get manipulated by anxiety and how we can begin to take control back.

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