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I'm At My Absolute END !!!
doxielover10 posted:
I have been anxious my entire life, I had a bleeding ulcer when I was 15. My Dad was a huge superstar and when I tested extremely high on IQ tests, he started to push me very hard. I managed and did well until recently.

Almost two years ago I arrived DOA in total renal failure from a medication prescribed to me. It's been downhill from there.

Now, when I'm anxious I break out in huge bloody sores from head to toe. They were biopsied and were described as Simplex Chronicus ? that develop due to the most extreme anxiety. I was given medication but it does not work, I was given creams and those don't work. I can't go out of the house as the sores are EVERYWHERE.

Has anyone ever heard of this or ideas on how to treat it.


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cjpxx responded:
-why are you taking the medication if it's all downhill since you started taking it?

-people have ulcers. It's not going to go away if you think about you having one becuase of your anxiety, because that just causes anxiety

-unbreakable - i think is the title of a book that willl be good

-women and stress - is the title of another book that has an orange cover, I think, with a broken pencil on the cover - that lays out the science behind what avoiding stress does to the body and probably teaches also pretty well how to avoid anxiety

-you body seems to be freaking out - I don't see how this can just be stress or anxiety. There has got to be other issues here.

-you can't stay in the house, either. How does that help? You got yourself the sores, so you have to live with it till they can go away - and they may leave scars - but staying in the house only makes it worse. You have to get out and work, make friends, see your family, etc. - like every other normal person

- you are creating your own catch 22s. Do you see how you are doing this? This is destructive behavior.

- go take a professional IQ test. The free ones will score you higher than you actually are. I don't see reasoning skills in your post.

- You didn't say WHY you have been anxious. Just that you are doing some of these things that don't make sense. Unless you are aggressively fixing the root of the problems, you won't be able to unravel out of your catch 22s.

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