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An_253758 posted:
im 17 years old an have had anxiety for a year now it eased up but now its back to step one im afraid to eat an take pills because i fell like i will choke im it feels like something is in my throat but wen i went to a doctor he said theres notheing there i get tension headaches an im starting to feel very emotional an i just want to stop all this worrying the thoughs just dont go away plz help me im afraid i go mad
Reid Wilson, PhD responded:
Hey, An_253758-
I am sorry to hear you have been struggling with anxiety for the past year. Totally unpleasant! Here is something you may not know: when you get anxious, one of the symptoms can be a lump in the throat. For me this is quite a psychosomatic symptom. Just describing this to you now gives me that sensation. So be careful about confusing this symptom of anxiety with the fear of choking. It would be helpful to know a little more about how this anxiety got started and what might be currently triggering it. That may mean you need to sit down with a specialist in anxiety to figure those things out. Most importantly, that specialist will efficiently teach you anti--anxiety skills that you can use on your own. If you need help finding a specialist near you, then you can go to this link .