you may have misophonia
neuroscience posted:
I am writing to share with you new information about a little known anger disorder, commonly known as "misophonia." The disorder is characterized by an anger/rage response to auditory stimuli, most prevalently chewing and eating sounds. Through time, triggers expand to include sounds such nail clipping, sniffing, and clearing ones throat, and visual triggers such leg swinging and finger pointing. The disorder is believed to be a developmental, neurological disorder, with an average age of onset in late childhood.

Unfortunately, very few people in the medical and therapeutic community are aware of the syndrome. Typically, clients are misdiagnosed as having OCD, phobia, or post traumatic stress disorder, most likely because hypervigilance is common among these disorders.

There are resources to pursue. There is a book called Sound-Rage. A Primer of the Neurobiology and Psychology of a Little Known Anger Disorder (210 pgs). There is also a podcast called misophonia from Radio Health Journal for free on iTunes.