I just need immediate help...
An_253772 posted:
I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I haven't been officially diagnosed with anything but I have been a wreck for the past few weeks. I've been sort of driving my boyfriend crazy lately, terrified that he doesn't love me anymore and it's driving him away. I had a paranoia driven pregnancy scare and then started my period full force and I've been hell. I skipped class this morning because I couldn't stop crying long enough to get ready, and I ended up calling a crisis center just because I needed someone to talk to. The call was helpful until it ended and then I was right back where I started. I set an appointment with a counselor but it isn't until Wednesday and I just need help and encouragement now. I'm drowning in work and school related stress. Tuesday night is the last of six straight closing shifts I've worked this week. The workload is killing me and I have absolutely no motivation to succeed in school (case in point, I've got an algebra quiz open in another tab but I can't bring myself to do it). I've started transferring the stress onto my boyfriend, who suffers from bipolar disorder and honestly does not need weepy, clingy me calling him every night after midnight. Every time I ask whether or not he loves me I make him feel like he's at fault but he isn't, it's this brain of mine that won't let me believe that someone could love me. I can't lose him but it feels like my anxiety is pulling him away. I need immediate assistance, I can't wait until Wednesday. Please, someone help.
rohvannyn responded:
Hi there, and welcome. It sounds like your workload from school and work isn't making your anxiety any easier. It's easy to say "take some time for you" but little things like paying bills and staying alive come first. Even a few minutes, just breathing calmly, can really help. When you feel the anxiety, as hard as it might be, remind yourself that these are just uncomfortable feelings and they WILL pass.

You have the strength to get through this. You also have the strength to reach out for help and that is awesome. I didn't for the longest time, and it really hurt me. So keep reaching out to the crisis line, to us, to the counselor. There is help.

Understood about not wanting to burden the boyfriend. I don't know what your exact situation is, but sometimes it can actually make your partner feel better if you confide in him, ask for comfort, and then accept it. If he knows he is helping you, that can take his mind off his own troubles. It depends on the person.

It sometimes helps to break your tasks into little bits. Do a few problems on that algebra test, then take a few minutes to breathe, have a cup of tea, something. Then do a few more. Even if you are slow something is better than nothing and you will feel less anxiety the more you get done.

Breathing deeply actually helps more than most people realize. Get good food into you, especially warm liquids, try to get enough sleep if you can, listen to music that usually makes you feel good. Someone cares about you.