Recluse and depressed
willyscanlon51 posted:
I came back to the United States in 2011 after finding myself unemployed and homeless on the streets of the Philippines in Manila. I suffered a MI in 2010 and in 2011 my employer cancelled my contract. When I returned to America I had two strokes and a carotid endarectomy. I also suffer with COPD. If it wasn't for the VA I would be homeless here in Massachusetts as well. But my own family has disowned me. We have not talked in 20 years. 5 days after arriving here from abroad one brother issued a restraining order stating that I am not to contact him or anyone he is related to. Outside of two friends I live like a recluse. With my cardiac, pulmonary problems and lack of social networks I have become depressed. I live on $819 a month SSDI plus SNAP. I am 62. Sometimes I wonder if living any longer is worth it? Any advice?