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Effexor XR Withdrawal Symptoms
Fiona_W posted:
Hello everyone, I'm Fiona, and I'm withdrawing from Effexor XR. Thanks so much for all the supportive advice so far! I've been on Effexor XR 375 mg. a day for over twenty years, for depression. A long long time ago I tried to withdraw from it and got so severely ill my psychiatrist just put me back on it, and so I've been stuck with it ever since. And it stopped working for my depression years ago. I have a new psychiatrist now who dislikes Effexor a lot, so he and I together decided to withdraw me from it while simultaneously putting me on Cymbalta.

The withdrawal from 375 mg. to 225 mg. was a piece of cake: no symptoms. And the good news is, the Cymbalta is really helping. But when I decreased the dose from 225 mg. to 150 mg., in the form of one 75 mg. capsule in the AM, and one in the PM, I hit the skids. Sorry for the long list, but I've got low energy, nausea, tremors, headaches, joint aches, muscle aches, dizziness, hot flashes, cold flashes, excessive sweating, irritability, lability (emotions all over the map, with crying jags), and the worst of them all, terrible insomnia. I think the only common Effexor withdrawal symptom I don't have, is the brain zaps. But I remember the brain zaps from the last time I tried to withdraw, so I know they're ahead of me.

As you can imagine, I'm nervous about reducing the 150 mg. and getting off completely, although I am highly motivated. I don't have to do anything different right now, because my shrink told me not to go below 150 until we meet again, which is next Wednesday. I've read the discussion so far, and I'm going to check out this LIMU supplement.

Here's my question: Should I hold steady on 150 a day until my withdrawal symptoms improve, before taking the next teensy-tiny step down? My shrink is a great guy and will pretty much let me handle this any way I want to. Does anyone have an experience with going off this drug super super slowly, recovering from the withdrawal one small step at a time?

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