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Trouble breathing/feel like I'm good to die
An_253884 posted:
Let me start off by saying I'm a total hypochondriac so, I think like everything is going to kill me.. I have anxiety, severe depression, ADHD, OCD, and frontal and temporal love epilepsy(don't know when I had a seizure last, they're in my brain they're not the severe grand mal kind or whatever. I'm also off my epilepsy meds right now which I shouldn't be but I've been off them for about three months now or so) I'm also only 19. I was diagnosed with all of this at only 8 years old and got out on medicine and amounts of medicine I Believe no 8 year old should have to have to take but whatever I'm ramling..

My anxiety is really bad. I got out on Xanax when I was 8, and they wanted me on three 2?(maybe higher) mg bars a day! I never took that much but as I've gotten older I still only take one bar at night although I've had some complications with my doctors and have had lots of days recently where I was having awful withdrawal because I have no medicine and the do etc. So that's not good for me but I am in No way a junkie and NEVER have been. But back to the point..

I kind of need an unbiased opinion and I almost don't wanna post because I'm afraid of what I might find out.. Cause knowing myself I'll assume I'm dying but anyway that makes it hard for those around me to listen to anything I say and take it seriously well

Here are my symptoms if you can help?

My heart feels like it's barely beating I just woke up (at 4 AM, it's now 6 and I can't go back to sleep) I woke up not being able to breathe good at all. I can't get a full breath at all(I smoke but I'm quitting and I've only been smoking not even a whole year but it's doing me harm anyway so I'm quitting.) when I breathe through my nose I feel like somehow I'm still breathing through breathing through my nose is really difficult. I can't sleep on my left side now because my hear stats beating rapidly and I feel as if I can't breathe I also wake up with like a jolt of breath or as if my heart has stopped beating I'm numb and tingly Feel like I'm going to pass out(COULD be hyperventilation due to anxiety but this feels different) I saw flashes with my eyes closed And sat up and was like about to fall over in bed so I just got up. I have a ton more symptoms such as this weird falling sensation and al lot of anxiety related symptoms but I took my meds, an idk this just feels like a heart or lung issue and I'm really frightened.

Sorry for the typos, I'm on my phone. Your opinions are really appreciated.

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