Alone with thoughts
Anon_11642 posted:
Hi - just wondering when your mind is so busy with sometimes anxious thoughts what do you do to stop thinking - sometimes at night I lay in the dark with anxious thoughts -

Am sure this is a common problem for many but wondering what does one do to stop this other than taking tranquilizers which I dont want to do. Would appreciate some good advice here. Thank you.
uno63 responded:
It's tough. I suffer from the same. The best solution is to immerse yourself in something else and start to change thought pattern, if you switch the energy, it takes the pressure off
anonymous responded:
I know but at night it's hard as you dont want to get up and start working in the house but guess you mean change thought pattern to something pleasant - right? Sometimes why we do this to focus on negativity when there is so much out there but guess we all have positive things to think about - guess it just takes a lot of hard work to turn it around. Thanks for you reply.