ive had it for over 30 years
oldbloke posted:
I will try to make this very short, all the symptoms explained in all the posts and more I have put up with for over 30 years, unfortunately what i have found is that doctors look at each symptom in isolation thus nothing wrong, if you combine them it may create a different picture !! i am not a doctor nor wish to scare anyone but through my own experience pain and need to find out what is wrong and or piece of mind I suppose no matter what the result my next port of call for me is to request to be tested for MS as all symptoms whether true or not point to that !!
rohvannyn responded:
I think you are completely right. Only the best doctors seem to see the symptoms as a whole, and everything really can affect everything else. So if you feel like they all point to something, I think it makes complete sense to request a test. You know your body better than anyone else does, after all.