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Please Help Me
Jolynn1988 posted:
My name is JoLynn i live in Cumberland Md, im a 25 year old Female, I have two kids one 9 and one a year old. So to start off i was 17 when i went into my first ever anxiety/panic attack. It was so bad all i did was sleep i couldnt do anything else at all if i would try to walk i would feel like i was going to fall over, i could not concentrate to even hold a very short conversation, i had this weird feeling/very scarey feeling in my head/brain it kinda felt like something was in my brain?.. I couldnt eat cause i always felt sick i really felt like i was dying an nothing helped it at all. I went through that for three months going to doctor to doctor/hospital. Finally one day a doctor told my mother that i needed to go to the crasy hospital right now an thats where my mom took me they checked me out an told my mom that i had the worse case of anxiety that she has ever seen a 17 year old have. She gave me a Xzanx an after 20 minutes i felt like a bran new baby walking out of there i was finally myslelf again i couldnt believe it.. So pass all that im 25 now an about 6 months ago it started one day with this chest pain/discomfort with sweating, shaking, numbness, tingling, fear of dying an me always thinking i was having a heart attack or some kind of cancer. I been to the er three times since witch they did three different ekg an blood work an one chest xray that all came back normal. But i still do not believe that im fine an its all just anxiety. So now im still having these chest pains an also i get these spells everyday out of nowhere where i cant get a deep full breath.? SCAREY!! I feel like i get these dizzie spells that aint real bad to the point that i dont know if its just me or of its real even?. My hands will get tingling an numb at times an my muscles with be sore or ache at times also?. Im always thinkin about everything thats going on with me 247 even when i try not too. Im always thinking im going to dye or have a heart attack.? I can say when im walking it feels like it all eases up an ill get a lil chest pain here an there but nothing that stays. Im so scared an alone cause noone knows what im going through or really even believes me so im asking for help someone please help me im so scared..
rohvannyn responded:
You are describing classic anxiety symptoms, I see people post here with these exact same symptoms all the time. Since the doctors have checked you over so thoroughly, and since Xanax helped you and that's a medicine used to treat anxiety, it makes sense that this would be anxiety.

I think some people get the idea that anxiety is no big deal, that if it's "all in your head" then the discomfort should be easy to shake off. But your brain is like the computer that controls your car! If there is something wrong with it, or how it is acting, then you can have very uncomfortable, hard to ignore, terrifying feelings!

You aren't alone, you aren't the only person who suffers with this. There are therapists trained to help you cure this. There are online resources to help you as well, and I would advise you to click on Reid Wilson, PHD's profile:

and then read his postings on this board. He has some really awesome advice for people with severe anxiety and he also has a website to help you with anxiety.

Hope you feel better soon.

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