Bad reaction to Celexa
AJkiiri posted:
Hello all. I'm looking for some advice/opinions on my current situation. Ever since I was younger, I've dealt with small anxiety over certain things such as public speaking, traveling, and starting a new job/class. I've never experienced a panic attack though. Three months ago I was planning a family vacation and ended up canceling due to being nervous about going, as it was a new area for us. I then felt very upset as I let my child down, as well as myself. My boss (whom is a physician) suggested I try Ativan. I took it which made me very nauseous. He then recommended I start on Celexa, which decided to try since he recommended it.

I was on a low dose of Celexa for five days when I began to have panic attacks, along with racing thoughts and thoughts of suicide. After two urgent care visits, he recommended I come off the medication. He gave me vistaryl and valium to help sedate me due to the severity of the attacks. I lost ten pounds and barely slept for almost two weeks. I have been seeing a counselor since they incident and she has really helped me calm down and rid of the panic attacks. She told me it was a bad reaction to the medication which caused me PTSD from the severe adverse side effects.

Even though I'm much better, I've now been diagnosed with having GAD and mild depression. I now can get anxious over normal things, that never use to bother me. I can barely take any medicine without freaking out. As far as the depression, I can be fine for 1-2 weeks and then I feel really sad for 1-2 days and then it goes away and this process repeats. I can say I'm definitely not anxious or depressed daily or even every other day though. When I do get depressed or in these low moods, I often think of dying. I know I wouldn't do anything to hurt myself, but its still very upsetting to me. The original doctor that prescribed the medication seems to think I have a chemical imbalance as they haven't found anything with blood tests. A second opinion stated it is likely from the medication, as they have had patients with a similar reaction to Celexa.

Another doctor recommended I start on pristiq (snri). I'm very scared to start anything new especially after the Celexa. I'm also wondering if I really need a medication, as I've came very far since the incident and my bad days aren't daily or even weekly. Any suggestions or anyone with a similar situation? I just want my happy back and want to nip this thing out of my life.