An_252569 posted:

I think you should remember me from my fear/anxiety over graduation. I decided to go. Now I'm afraid about life in general. I don't know what I want to do career wise. I literally just turned 21 two days ago. I thinking about grad school, my mom is pushing me even harder. I'm looking into 3 different programs at two different schools. Idk if it's best to work maybe for a year than apply. Because I really don't know what i want to do and maybe working will help me. Do most people wait to go to grad school or go right after?
rohvannyn responded:
I wish I would have worked for a year instead of staying in school. It would have given me some great perspective. Have you talked to your mom about her pushing you like this? She may be doing it out of love but it sounds like it's giving you a lot more stress than you need.