How can I keep my anxiety at bay
cindigal posted:
I know it's easier to say than actually do it. I had anxiety many years and I take Ativan but only at night so I can sleep. I used to have Restoril for sleep but the effects wore off. I have a upcoming trip in two weeks and I am so anxious about it. I will be seeing my sister from California that I havnt seen over a year. She will staying at her son's house and she asked me to visit her when she comes up. I will take a train and I will go and see her because I want to see her but I am also a creature of comfort.

I never liked to stay anyone's house but my own. I like my own bed, and I like my own schedule and put p'js around 6 pm. I do live alone with my 2 cats and I dont have social life to speak of. I go shopping every two weeks when my son takes me because i dont drive. I have speech aphasia from a injury I had 4 years ago.

I feel self conscious about my speech and dont like to call people on phone. My whole family knows of my history of depression and anxiety. Because I dont discuss my feelings to anyone, they all think I am on the right track and 100% percent with my emotions. I dont go to the doctor till end of November because its a public clinic and my appt dont come around till 5 months or so. I have two weeks to get my head straight and think positives before I see my sister so I wont ruin anyones time. Any suggestions would help.