help i am sick and the docs do not know what is wrong
julieryan93 posted:
I started amost 4 weeks ago i started throwing up and had diara and then I had a headach and then I could not fall a sleep so I went online and looked up my symopts and the frist thing that came up was brain anurysem and I got so scared I called 911 and they told me I was fine it was just a cold 2 days later I made my husbond take me to ergent care and they told me I had a stingy bug. I have stoped throwing up and no direa but now I have neck pain and back pain with head and nose prusser and it feels like someone is pulling my hair. I went and my doc did blood test and a exsam and I went to the eye doc and they both say I am fine had a ct scan of my head when I went to the er because it was so bad it came back normel. But now I hurt eveywhere and am tired all the time please help I do not know what to do
Thanks julie
marshagal responded:
Are there other symptoms because this doesn't seem to add up to a brain aneurysm.... Hope you feel better soon.