HanginIn posted:
Hi to here because I needed some support before I lose ma mind!! Anybody out there ever quit smoking weed and feel like the apocalypse and the four horsemen are about to show up??? I feel like I'm dying! is this normal? I'm on day 13 cold turkey.
healyn responded:

Marijuana has been known to cause anxiety and paranoia. Yep, this is most likely the reason you are dealing with those symptoms.

The best thing you can do it talk yourself out of feeling "crazy". Tell yourself you're not going crazy and that you will be okay.

If you keep having issues, you should talk with a psychologist (or someone similar). Avoid other drugs and alcohol to "ease" these feelings. You would probably benefit from finding a task (exercise) or hobby to take your mind off of the random thoughts, as well as finding things to calm you.

(Some people do meditation, yoga, stretching, etc. Not just in the moment, but as a regular thing, to keep yourself regularly calmer. It is more beneficial than most people realize.)