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hitting while asleep
ablack2008 posted:
Hi guys. I have a problem. Within the last year, and only a few times, I've found myself hitting whoever is in bed with me while sleeping and it wakes me up to know I did it but only afterward. First, I was on a vacation with my mom and stepdad, my husband had to work. My mom and I sleep in the same bed whenever we go places because my stepdad moves around so much in his sleep that it would keep mom awake (they don't sleep in the same bed due to this, it's bad).

Anyway, not the point. That night, I was having a dream, and while I don't remember what it was about, I do know that in the dream, I punched something or someone, which made me wake up and I realized I had hit my mom in the stomach. Not really hard, but enough to startle her. It startled me awake and we just kind of laughed it off. Since then, I've found myself slapping my husband during a dream. For whatever reason in my dream, I wake myself up by slapping my husband. Once was on the forehead, another was on his chest. This morning, I was dreaming about arguing with someone and in the dream, I yelled out "I'm trying!" and slapped the person. I woke myself up by slapping my husband in the face. Luckily, I also yelled out "I'm trying!" which woke him up in time to dodge out of the way in a split second and I just nicked his cheek with my fingertips. Otherwise, if I hadn't called out I would have slapped him hard and I might not be lucky next time. Up until that time in the hotel room with my mom, I had never done that before and it started a little over a year ago. It doesn't happen too often but seems to be happening more often recently. I hit my husband on the chest a week ago, then again this morning.

I have always suffered from depression and anxiety but don't feel stress during these times and again, it just started in the last year.

Does anyone know what this could be? This is x-posted in the sleeping disorder community because I didn't know if it was a sleeping disorder. Any ideas?
AaronLeeNewberry responded:
I've done that a few times too, but its from Ptsd from Iraq. I also have bad anxiety and depression.

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