Nerve rash on neck and chest
Pinkfaced posted:
I am 47 and still suffering from this condition. I get it nearly everyday especially at work. I get it in meetings, talking with work colleagues and even with friends. I suffer from Social anxiety and have tried to alleviate it by seeing a therapist and through a workshop but it has had no effect. I wear scarves and high collared tops but occasionally people still notice it and ask what it is. A lady at work asked me if I'd been in the sun, so I said I had! I have never been prescribed medication for it and I feel a bit uncomfortable about taking meds due to side effects. I currently take tamoxifen for breast cancer and have hot flushes and night sweats, I think I have gone thru menopause already due to the medication and chemo. It would be good if we could live in a world where one could say I suffer from anxiety and people would accept this and not point out the redness.