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Maybe I'm Crazy
shoopy posted:
As I get older I tend to worry more about what is going on in my body and I think this might be causing other problems.
So 2 years ago I was dizzy for almost 3 months and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest, went to the doctor and they found nothing but since I was having Acid Reflux they put me on Prilosec and said that could be the cause of the dizziness. One night I was lying on the couch and I felt this vein pulsating out of my head and freaked out and went to the ER....they then ran all kind of test and everything came back normal. About a week later everything seem to go away. Problem now is, i am so afraid that this is going to happen again that everytime I feel something different going on in my body I think that there is something really wrong with me and I am afraid that I am going to miss the signs for something that could kill me. I am starting to believe that all my worring might be what is causing all my problems.
The latest thing... I went to the doctor for was tingling in my legs. Of course I went on the internet and looked up what it could be and started to freak out. Went to the doctor and they said my B12 levels were really low. so now I am taking B12 and it made it go away.
My problem is... everyday I wake up thinking that something doesn't feel right and I start to stress about it. Today I just don't feel like myself and now I am thinking something is wrong again...ugh
tenseashell responded:
I feel your pain, as I went through this for about 10 years. After 5 ER visits, an EKG, stress test and the works, my heart is fine. I too have acid reflux and it can mess with you a lot causing chest pain, which triggers other symptoms linked to a panic attack. I am on Effexor now, which from what I read will be hard to get off, but it has done the trick. No more panicking. The mind is complex and plays games with you when you least expect it. Talk to your doctor about seeing a psychiatrist. Anxiety is no joke, but it can be handled so you can get on with your life.
Reid Wilson, PhD responded:
Hey, shoopy-
Taking a medication for worry is not the only way to solve your problem. Figuring out what might be going on psychologically will help. Your first example, of focusing on your pulsating vein, is a common experience of those with panic disorder: "I'm afraid something's going to go haywire in my body or mind, and I worry about it all the time, and I try to avoid anything that might stimulate those feelings." When you start talking about focusing on "every little thing" in your body, and want to run to the doctor to find out what's wrong, that sounds similar to people who have severe illness worry, also called hypochondriasis.
If you want to learn how you can help yourself with those panicky feelings, you can read this section of my website . If you're worried more about the idea that you might have some strange physical illness that the doctors can't find, then you could learn more about how you can help yourself from reading this book .

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