Bulging Disc/Depression
cpwitter29 posted:
Hello All,

4 months ago I received a knock on my shoulder and it wound being an impinged nerve in my shoulder. However, at the same time I was studying for an exam and I also hurt my neck. 2 months ago I had an MRI. and tt wound up being a bulged disc in my neck c3/c4 I was prescribed physical therapy by my doctor. I have been going to physical therapy for about 5 weeks 3 times a week and it was getting a lot better. I just had a relapse and my neck is spazing out again I feel the symptoms coming back. Worst part is my commute to work I will no longer be able to get to physical therpay during the week. I work long hours at a computer desk all day, and my hours are going to get a lot worse 12-14 hours a day for 6 days, and I am depressed I feel like my neck is never going to get better. I am also 22m and I know I am way to young for surgery. Any advice from anyone who was had similar symptoms or experiences will be greatly appreciated.