Drinking, functioning in daily life on anxiety medicine
An_254294 posted:
Hello everyone! I'm Steve, a newbie here.

Anyway, so I've decided to look into medication for my anxiety that has been resistant to everything else I've tried (therapy, counseling, self-help, etc.) for 8 years (started in high school). I've heard medicine like Xanax, Klonopin, etc. are very effective at treating anxiety.

However, I need more information on these medications. I do know they are very strong and nothing to screw around with. I have these questions:

1. How long do people take these medicines for? I've heard anywhere from short-term (a few months) to life. I do know they have a high tolerance/addictive potential.

2. How much will these medicines affect my ability to function in daily life? I'll be graduating college soon, so I need to know if my ability to commute to work (driving, etc.) will be impaired.

3. What kind of improvement can I expect? Will my anxiety be neutralized significantly or simply just become more manageable?

4. Finally, the biggie: Is there a safe way to drink alcohol on anxiety medicine? Ethically, yeah I know it's dangerous and it's not recommended, but I do like to frequent bars and friend's parties whenever I get the chance. How dangerous is it? Will I be risking my life just having a sip of wine at communion or (from what I've heard) should I just count 1 drink as 2-3? I'm just scared of being looked at as a prude for being sober when everyone in a crowd is drinking.

Thanks in advance!