Yes, Yes, and Yes.
An_254319 posted:
So interesting to stumble across this post,
Short answer, I'm no expert, but I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder at age 14, mine started off very similarly, just out of the blue, bam and there I was shaking and dizzy, It can feel very real. The symptoms can feel very real, and very serious, and Anxiety can cause you to feel terrible. I didn't know what was going on with me either. I was terrified and sought medical help, only to be stamped with the GAD diagnosis. It makes you feel defective, but in many cases it can be just a bio chemical imbalance, brain chemistry, and medicine regulates it effectively. Get yourself on medication or into therapy and see if that doesn't help eh? No sense letting it rule your life, because left untreated, it will I personally took the attitude that I refused to let it limit me and have lived my life how I see fit. It can feel real which is what makes it so absolutely terrifying.
Best of luck to you!