excessive thirst/urination
An_254804 posted:
Hi I'm 17 I've been drinking alot and peeing alot , I just cant stop, I'm so thirsty ! . I've checked the symptoms of a uti but the only symptom I have is the excessive urination . What's wrong with me !? . I've asked my parents to take me to the hospital , but I'm a hypochondriac so they think it's just my mind . How do I know if it's diabetes ?
rohvannyn responded:
It could be something as simple as an electrolyte imbalence. Are you getting enough salt and other electrolytes? Sometimes dry air during winter does that too. Diabetes is another possibility but not necessarily the first choice to look for unless you are feeling odd after you eat too. If it's a lot worse after you eat carbohydrates it may be a possibility.
vintagegal18 replied to rohvannyn's response:
Well I went to the doctor and they ruled out diabetes which was a relief. But they did say I have a heart murmur. Could that be it ?
rohvannyn replied to vintagegal18's response:
I can't see how a heart murmur would cause excessive thirst, but it's great they ruled out diabetes. Could it be the cold, dry air this time of year, at least in part?