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Intrusive thoughts am i going crazy
An_255061 posted:
hi all im a 29 year old female, suffering with what ive been told anxiety. i have opened a business moved and got married all within a year and a half. luckily my business has grown overnight from a staff of 2 to now a staff of 14. since december i have been suffering with something i went to my ob gyn and i started to cry saying i dont want my parents to die he prescribed 20 mg of prozac, i didnt take the medication until 3 weeks ago. since then i have been seeing a cbt. and a psychiatrist bc i became fixated on not going crazy and not wanting to kill myself that it almost felt as if the opposite was going to happen, and then this past week i get nervous around people am i going to hurt somebody? i have never been like this in my life!!! im such a happy go lucky person with a great business and a great husband and family, im having doubts about who i really am bc i cant believe that this is happening to me, bc not one paticular incident happened to set me off. sometimes i feel like i should go to the mental institute bc of the thoughts of getting worse or doing something bad freaks me out so much. i did have anxiety 8 years ago due to a break up with a boyfriend and it left about 2-3 months time, but not to this extent and i didnt have to take medication. i went to the psychiatrist and he says i have anxiety and so does my therapist but i feel like its more serious then this bc of these thoughts. please help me make sense of this i just want to get better, am i psycho?
rohvannyn responded:
I don't think you are "psycho!" It really sounds like you are under a lot of stress and are having trouble with a lot of anxiety because of it. Remember, success can be really stressful too. Sometimes intrusive thoughts don't really indicate your real desires. Sometimes they come from tension, or your subconscious processing things. Check out, it has a lot of helpful tips, and meanwhile share everything you can with your therapist. Learning coping behaviors can help you, and understanding why you are feeling a certain way can help too.
designmom651 responded:
I feel your pain, I am sorry you are suffering so bad right now. But your story sounds so much like me. Stress is my trigger to anxiety which lead to a bipolar 1 manic break. My suggestion if your state offers the test called the MMPI, ask to take it. It will help your pdoc narrow your in on your personility quickeer and hopefully save you from the trip to a hospital. But do go to a hospital if you think it is a safe place for you to be. To get the anxiety under control being the focus, so you can begin to live happy again. Best Wishes!

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