Lightheaded for Almost 2 Years. Incurable?
eric_champlin posted:
I've seen general doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, neurologists, audiologists, and sleep specialists. Even my psychologist implied that she gave up on me, pinning on "anxiety" as the problem for my symptoms.

For 2 years STRAIGHT, I've been lightheaded with trouble sleeping. The lightheaded feeling is content, and lasts 24/7. I've been on 9 different medications, and none have worked well. My symptoms literally started over night, back in 2012.

I thought I'd throw a dart in the dark and see if I hit anything by posting on this website. If you need any more information, please post here. I will be checking back regularly.
eric_champlin responded:
The lightheaded feeling is *constant (not "content").
mariajohnson responded:
Well I would suggest you to drink plenty of water and and eat something sugary. Your lightheadedness might be due to stress.