Is my panic disorder back, or is it a heart problem?
An_255288 posted:
Please help me, I know its a lot to read but I'm really having a hard time. I really want to find out if I am having a panic attack or a heart problem.
So in the past few months I've been having the classic panic attack symptoms. I haven't been able to breath at all almost 24/7. I haven't been able to sleep, I'm tired, I can't focus, etc.etc.etc.. I find that this not being able to breath properly thing is worsened when I have to walk to class. I feel like I have to yawn to get a full breath, but even then it's not enough. This is all familiar to me, it is nothing too alarming since I have dealt with this in middle school (but it resolved itself and I am 17 now). I have always had really bad anxiety and panic attacks, but I have never really known what triggers the panic attacks. Though it recently in the past few weeks has gotten very very bad. Sometimes I can breath, but it feels like I am struggling most of the time. I have recently gone to the doctor for something unrelated and my blood pressure was very good.She didn't check my heart but she did feel for my pulse by my wrist and jugular. Though over the weekend I looked at my legs in the mirror and they were alarmingly gray and purple. I had been sitting down for a very long time prior to seeing my legs, and I hadn't been exposed to the cold for about five hours at that point. My legs looked like they belonged to a dead person. My mom pointed out that my feet looked pink and laughed at my concern. I took a shower and tried to get some blood flowing, and my legs SLOWLY gained back color. I have considered that maybe it was dye from my leggings (they were new) but my legs color looked very real, and not colored on. I have also considered that I was sitting down for about four hours working and that maybe cut off some circulation, but discoloration due to circulation has never been that intense. I developed a chest cold on new years day but it seems like its kind of still here. When I cough, it sounds like i'm sick. I have denounced it as a stress cough due to college applications (which I have turned in to my relief, but the symptoms I have mentioned earlier have only gotten worse). Now I don't know if this will help you know, but when I drink and such, I find that I can breath (I do not abuse any drugs- do not worry). I know that before doctors have used xanax to clarify that something is anxiety and not another mental disorder. Would alcohol eliminate symptoms of let's say, heart disease? It sure did eliminate my anxiety. I know I am young, apparently healthy in all my past checkups, I am not underweight or overweight, my blood pressure is very good. The abstract world of my mind plagues me, and just like most everyone else with anxiety, contrary to past experience, I look to fatal health problems as possibilities. I am embarrassed to sound like too much of a hypochondriac, but I am very concerned about heart disease. Should I go back to the doctor after only seeing her a week ago? I feel like I might be starting up an anxious cycle of health checkups for nothing, or that I actually might have a fatal condition. Sorry for this novel, but I must maintain my mental health since I am about to leave home and do things that require healthy people. I want to be adequate for the world, because my situation here is not worth staying in. I have found throughout my childhood medication and therapy that it is all a business that causes more problems for me. I can't start another eight years of mind numbing prescription drug dependency, or jump from practice to practice to the same old clowns.