Social Anxiety
stylist_mua posted:
What are some natural remedies to cure SA? such as supplements or extracts? Also what are some healthy foods to cure anxiety.
mariajohnson responded:
Ty out some of these home remedies like teas, aromatherapy, exercise, deep breathing, vitamin supplements, avoid refined sugars and carbs, etc.
stellagonzalez responded:
I would say go for counselling, add more nutrients and vitamins in your food.
ldoyle0402 replied to stellagonzalez's response:
Hi Stella, I am also curious about this. I currently take medication because I have severe anxiety/panic attacks. What type of nutrients and vitamins do you recommend, and have you had good results using vitamins for anxiety?
atti_editor responded:
Hi stylist_mua and ldoyle0402,

I found this WebMD article about home treatments for social anxiety that might interest you, and a quick search turned up this article from about 19 Natural Remedies for Anxiety and and this one from Everyday Health about an Anti-Anxiety Diet (it is not really a diet but foods to eat to help with your anxiety). Hope you find something here that helps you!