social security disability
tdp114 posted:
Hi I have never visited a site like this but looking for information and help. I am 42 years old and have recently applied for disability. I did this as a last resort. I have been sick and had difficulty obtaining and keeping a job due to my health. I had the most difficulty after I got pregnate in 2009. it was a horrible pregnancy. I was alredy overweight and had a lot of problems with my asthma and was constantly in the hospital due to my lungs and difficulty breathing. The baby was five weeks premature and spent 8 days in icu but thank God everything was fine. I have diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, sever asthma, urinary incotinance, depression and anxiety. Im on medications for all the above. I did have the gastric bypass done and lost 150 lbs but am severly anemic and always tired. I also have sleeping problems and taking ambien and constant pain throughout my body and take. hydrocodone as needed. As a result of the gastric bypass I often have difficulty eating and vomit daily. I have gerd and take nexium. I am smart and and was in the nursing program twice but could not finish due to my absences as a result of my health. I did get my medical assitant certificate which I barely go through. I had to get special documentation for absences due to my illnesses. I have a 4.0 gpa it was just my absences due to illnes which hinders me. I continued to tryvto better myself so I could work and finally realized it was just not gonna happen. I habe lost the last few jobs I have had due to absences due to illnesses and anxiety. I had a home health care provider for over two years and get 3 hours a day seven days a week. I also have disable licence plates which my pulmonologist signed off on. I waited hoping to get better and work to provide for my son but I can't. I applied for social security in september of 2013. I was just sent a letter I have to see a psycholosist on march 5. I hope this is a good sign. I was honestly expectin g a denial the first time around. We have no incone and in desperate need of help. With the illnesses mentioned is there a chance I can get approved and if so how long will this process take. Thanks for any response. Very worried and upset about the appointment in march.