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Psychological Diagnosis Clarification Help
gtee2015 posted:

I would like some help in specifically identifying what mental "disorder" I might have. I have received mixed responses from therapists and friends in the past, and would like some more input. Here is a small list of things I do that I have compiled recently. Thank you!


Stepping on sidewalk cracks while walking

Random habit
Scrunching forehead
Kissing arm/hand obsessively for no reason

messing with particular region of hair for minutes at a time, doing nothing else
no symmetry, just that region on one side of head
same thing with picking at beard, biting pencils and pens

constant grinding of teeth

when taking notes or playing video games, always touching certain nearby object every minute or so
constantly erasing and re-writing notes

always counting in fours when doing something, everything is 4
ex: tapping foot, looking at certain things in line of vision
in elementary school used to put dots after sentences so characters in a sentence are a multiple of 4.

always touch same objects when I walk past them

will ponder over a decision an endless amount of times before making one

constantly looking in rear view mirror while driving and checking distances of the car behind me.

always have to be driving faster than others while on the road

always expecting that someone is going to try to change lanes right in front of me, so I always try to make sure there's minimal distance between me and the car in front of me so people never decide to do that.

I check things an endless amount of times, even though I know what state they are in.
Front door lock
Electric appliances unplugged
Stove burners off
Food on plate: can't ever leave it with food, has to be finished

Always think about drastic things happening to people, and what it would be like in that situation.
ex: someone dying in certain situation and there's nothing i can do to help.

can't leave flashing icons on computer, i have to immediately make it go away

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