panic disorder as a kid in1980
An_255590 posted:
it would happen during a test it would happen when i was angrymy syptoms were so weird mom was told i had an inner ear infection
once we were driving into our neighborhood going 25-35 tops i swear i had to shut my eyes and ears everything was moving fast sound was just as scary. i finally learned to put my head down til it passed
it anxiety came back in early 20s an not agin ti i experienced back pain so bad i just had to sleep throughit and one time i ended up in icu for 15 days 50/500chance of living so very ashamed
anxpan responded:
Do not be ashamed. I am 43 and still have panic and anxiety attacks. I was driving when I had a bad one. I had to pull off the road and wait about 5 minutes before I could start driving again. I am on ssdi for it now. So please do not be ashamed. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Good luck. I will pray for you