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    Lightheaded/Dizzy for almost 2 years. Help!
    eric_champlin posted:
    I've seen general doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, neurologists, audiologists, and sleep specialists. Even my psychologist implied that she gave up on me, pinning "anxiety" as the problem for my symptoms. [br>[br>For 2 years STRAIGHT, I've been lightheaded with trouble sleeping. It started literally over night. The lightheaded feeling is constant, and lasts 24/7; I haven't had a break for almost 2 years now. I've been on 9 different medications, and none have worked well. [br>[br>I thought I'd throw a dart in the dark and see if I hit anything by posting this concern of mine on this website. If you need any more information, please post here. I will be checking back regularly. Please help me!
    happy_go_lucky responded:
    I'm sorry to hear about your condition. Have you had your blood sugar checked? Maybe they can give you Have the doctors done a scan of your equilibrium and spine? smell sometimes certain smells give me massive headaches or if i burn a candle too long? have you changed anything previous to your condition like a new cologne something you've been using the last two years that you weren't using before? a dark room and a cold washcloth over the eyes in silence helps me. have you had your place checked for a gas leak?
    eric_champlin replied to happy_go_lucky's response:
    I appreciate your response. I have had blood tests done, and everything came back as normal (I'm assuming examining blood sugar was a part of the results).

    A scan of my equilibrium and spine such as...?

    Everything else doesn't apply, unfortunately.
    eric_champlin replied to eric_champlin's response:
    eric_champlin replied to eric_champlin's response:
    atti_editor responded:
    Hi eric_champlin,

    Do you know if you were tested for iron-deficiency anemia? Do you have any other symptoms other than lightheadedness and trouble sleeping?

    eric_champlin replied to atti_editor's response:
    No, they didn't test specifically for iron-deficiency anemia. Although, because I've received several blood tests, I'm assuming they would've seen it in the results. No, other than lightheadedness and trouble sleeping, I'm not really experiencing any other symptoms.
    bonhill responded:
    You might want to be see my post entitled 'vestibular disorders..." I was 'dizzy' for years, starting in 1974. No one seemed to believe me. Finally, I saw a psychiatrist who did believe me and sent me to an ENT specialist for specialized testing. (I had previously had a 'cursory' - minor - exam by an ENT earlier, where they found nothing). So they had to do more sophisticated testing before the problem was properly diagnosed. You might want to consider this. And if meds like Anti-vert don't work, they put you on, guess what... benzodiazepines....
    eric_champlin replied to bonhill's response:
    Did they just prescribe you with medication? And the dizziness/lightheadedness went away?
    mfreetemple replied to happy_go_lucky's response:
    I have had Vertigo for one year now. I was tested for the Vestibular disorders; however, due to my history with migraines, it was diagnosed as migraines. Treatment for dizziness and Vertigo is usually a water pill and diazapam (Valium). My neurologist refered me to ENT.

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