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14hopeful posted:
My daughter was recently hospitalized due to obsessive thoughts that were taking over her mind & she was diagnosed w/ depression, anxiety, panic disorder. Does obsessive thinking go along with these disorders? He said he could not totally diagnose her with OCD because she doesn't have the compulsion part of it. She was put on 20mg of Celexa & will soon start therapy but in the meantime how can we help her with her obsessive thinking & what causes this? Thank you in advance for your response!
crolen responded:
I'm reading a book right now called "Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy" by Dr. Burns. Focuses on how to change your thoughts to change your mood. I just started so I can't really give a review on it yet, but if you check Amazon, there are a ton of amazing reviews on it.
Reid Wilson, PhD responded:
Hey, 14hopeful-
If you will tell me more about your daughter's obsessions, I will give you some advice. But right now I don't have enough information. If you would prefer to do this privately you can send me an email: