Effexor XR cut back
kent1955 posted:
I am well into my cut back of Effexor. I have gone from 150 mg a day to 75 mg every other day over the last two and a half weeks. I had my first episode last night. I woke up to a crash in the middle of the night. One of my cats had jumped up on the stereo table, then on a shelf above it and knocked over a vase that I was rooting a vine in. Water everywhere on the shelf, stereo and it's table, baseboard heater and carpeting. I got so mad that I threw a can of pledge through a glass door of my deceased Moms vintage china cabinet and broke two old ceramic pieces. Then I had to clean up water, glass and ceramic bits and vacuum. The whole time my finger was bleeding and I was cussing and screaming. The good news ... it is actually good to feel emotion again of any type. I have been cooking daily again, clearer thought process, sleep less hours, awake longer hours. So far only light headache and nausea with minimal brain zapps. Got my fingers crossed. Keep the faith to you all.