panic attacks
teresaslexi posted:
I am 47 years old and a mother of a 7 year old and for about 8 months I have gone to the ER multiple times with chest pains on my left side of my arm only to hear that you're fine go home. I have been to the cardiologist done all the stress test been to an orthopedic and to gastro doctor changed family doctors because they told me it was anxiety attacks. All the stories I read are just like me. My Doc put me on Lexapro and the attacks increased and worse. Any body have any suggestions???? Seriously frusted..
atti_editor responded:
Hi teresaslexi,

You might try some of these home treatment techniques for reducing anxiety. Anxiety attacks can cause chest pain among other physiological effects. Have you told your doctor that the Lexapro worsened your symptoms? There might be something that is better suited for you, or more tests may need to be done. I would definitely give the relaxation and other tips in the link above a try.

Best wishes,