feeling like you are going to die
caliblttl posted:
am 19 years old and the last few months i feel like i am going to die. i don't feel like the same person i was half a year ago, so happy and energetic. i constantly feel dizzy, feel weak and tired. my vision is blurry, and when i focus on something to long like the ground or the wall, the patterns move. i feel like im crazy sometimes but i know im not. i have wierd thoughts constantly running through my brain, or situations that will never happen that i stress out about. i know theres something not right in my head but the doctors say there is nothing wrong. i feel isolated, and in my own world. like im never really there. my sense of humor is the same and i can still interact with people but it doesn't feel right. i just want to feel normal again but i fear i may never be the same.. does anyone else feel like this? or should i see someone, cause i dont know what to do anymore. this isn't living, this is scraping by and going through the motions and i don't feel like i can be happy again.
An_256168 responded:
I'm right there with you. Have you gone to talk to someone ?
caliblttl replied to An_256168's response:
only a doctor in the e.r. and i had a cat scan and they said everything was fine, that it just might be anxiety. but it doesn't seem like anxiety would make me feel like this. you know?